‘Nice to meet brew’ – The Tea House Wild Cherries Black Tea

Ey up T-witchers!

Sometimes we just want it fast, hard and we want it now. Hence the reason for my speedy tea reviews; something you can easily digest when you are looking for a five minute break at work, or indeed, when you are waiting the ideal 3 minutes for your tea to brew!

Say hello to mCherry close upy new friend…TheTea House Covent Garden Wild Cherries Tea. One of my bezzies Nick got me into The Tea House blends with their Spicy Chai (ATWin80 review coming soon!) in an attempt to prove to me that even Londoners can do a good tea. This loose leaf brew is a China/Ceylon black tea blend flavoured with gorgeous, amaretto like sweet cherry.

Wild Cherries is my go to afternoon pick me up if you fancy a sweet treat but want to be good. As it is more of a ‘treat tea’, I usually splash some milk in and maybe even a sugar depending on how much of an indulgence I fancy. Its robust black tea base is paired with the almost marzipan-like, deliciously sweet and fruity cherry flavour. When sipping your 3 o’clock excel spreadsheet diversion, it really does feel like you are drinking a molten Cherry Bakewell/or naughtily preparing a rum and coke at the office tea point.

In fact, the alcoholic feel of this brew only adds to the experience. If this tea was to be personified, it would be a sassy, bold and brash Queen Latifah type, who refers to everyone as ‘sugar’, runs a prohibition bar on the side and definitely wears a fur coat.

So, if you like buxom matriarchs, the taste of amaretto and coke and a sweet treat of a
tea (in that order), definitely check this one out. The Tea House also have a fab ‘10% off your first web order’ deal at the moment, so there is no excuse not to give it a try. Come onnnnn sugar, y’know you wanna…

Laura x


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