Obi-Wan Keno-tea: TEAching the ways of the force…

So today I tried to surmount the insurmountable, overcome the impossible and convert the ignorant. I boldly went where no office worker had been before (I know this is Star Trek not Star Wars-bear with me); I endeavoured to convince my unsuspecting work colleagues to try an ACTUAL loose leaf tea. No Tetley in sight. Not even a sniff of a tea bag. Nada. I KNOW, potentially more difficult than piloting an X-wing when outnumbered by TIE fighters, blindfolded AND trying to enjoy a cuppa at the same time.

tea brewing
Feisty one, you are! Illustrating the three stages of tea brewing

However, I needn’t have worried! Lured in by pastries, the delightful aroma of The Tea House’s Wild Cherries tea (check out my review), and channelling the Tea Witch Jedi mind tricks, I think the office now has two new loose leaf converts.Β Armed with just one tea strainer for three cups of tea – it was a challenge even with my Skywalker brewing abilities – I crafted three cups of amaretto-ey heaven that blasted any soggy tea bag attempts out of the water. The lucky recipients indulged in their newfound taste sensation to chase away the mid afternoon slump, and sang their praises to the open plan wasteland of Tatooine. I didn’t even have to threaten them with my lightsaber (apologies, I come from a family of spotty Star Wars geeks, my brother has even made a business out of it...I’m not even joking). Who knows, they might even buy their own strainer…although let’s start with baby steps.

The force is strong in this one: three tips to converting the avid tea baggers (*ahem*) in your life

  1. Use tea as bait-waft the aroma of your wonderful loose leaf around the office/house/Death Star to pique tea baggers’ interest. Waft it and they will come.
  2. Take the perceived hassle out of loose leaf teamost people wrongly assume that making a proper brew is a big faff, worse than giving Jabba the Hutt a bed bath on the hottest day of the year. But it really isn’t; show the little ewoks that all it takes is a strainer/basket/Yoda’s hessian tunic, some yummy loose leaves and 3 minutes. Boom-done quicker than you can say ‘I am your father’. Although perhaps don’t say that…could involve a law suit or -at the very least- awkward tea point visits from then on.
  3. Show them the dark sideinvite your wanna-teas to peek inside your tea drawer (is it just me that has one?!). Show them the wide world of flavours, scents and awe-inspiring packaging they are missing out on by restricting themselves to the humble tea bag. Maybe even make them their very first loose leaf brew…the path to tea enlightenment has to start somewhere-be their Boba Fett!

Good luck my ATea-ATeas. In the words of Yoda, ‘convince the tea-baggers you will’.

I wonder if in a galaxy far, far away, everyone knows how to use a tea strainer…

Have you had any tea conversion successes?

By the way, I am your father…


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