Octeaber: Sociabili-tea – confessions of a tea blogger

It’s all been a bit ‘me, me, me’ with this Octeaber lark so far, so I thought I would cast my witch’s spell a little wider & get some of you Twitchers to have a go. And yes, blogging every day, arranging four fundraising events, working a full time job and trying to keep Little Miss PG Pissflaps fed, clothed and watered, means I am absolutely shagged – and not in the good way. Hence, I have called on a little help from my imaginary cyberspace friends (and my poor coffee cocknugget mother), and asked them to ‘fess up to their deepest, darkest and most raunchy teagasmic experiences, including the most unsavoury places they have found their leaf shaped tea infusers. Dirty buggers. You never know, my life long dream of producing the first tea-rotica short stories novel ’50 Shades of Earl Grey’ might actually become a reali-tea.

Anyway, give a big, hearty English Breakfast welcome to the wonderful Laura Burley AKA @teawriter79 (alas, 69 would have been better) from the fab blog Laura’s Tea Room, and enjoy a trip down her #teagasm memory lane.

S’up Brew: What tea was your ‘tea awakening’ and led you to take the humble brew more seriously?

I can answer this one without any doubt – Twinings Mulled Spice (sadly and criminally this is now defunct). At the time Twinings were making an impression online and you could go online and select two samples. I was hooked on Mulled Spice from the first sip. It honestly was a tea that was out of this world, ideal for milky, sugary hot brews. It also showed me that tea didn’t have to be just your bog standard black tea. With that first sip my tea journey (some would say obsession) started there and then. There was something about that tea, and the wonderful experience, that will never quite be replicated.

Move Oolong: What was the most disappointing tea you have tried and why?

Pumpkin Spice tea. It doesn’t matter who makes it it’s just a yucky, tastes weird type of tea that somehow is EVERYWHERE this time of year. It’s like if you are not drinking it then you’re nobody. But somehow, I’m bemused about the fuss! (Funnily enough my inbox has pinged with a pumpkin spice email!!!)

Enjoy a gratuitous pic of my beautiful mugs...for no apparent reason whatsoever
Enjoy a gratuitous pic of my delicate mugs…for no apparent reason whatsoever

Hospitali-tea: What tea would you rustle up if someone popped round unexpectedly and why?

It would have to be Earl Grey. I’ve met very few people who don’t like a nice mug of Earl Grey. And it’s a versatile tea, you can take it black, add a dash of milk or be incredibly sophisticated and take it with lemon. It’s a comforting tea in winter and is light enough for afternoon tea. I am not sure I could live without Earl Grey!

Sexual Tea-ling: What tea would you use to impress someone & get them in the mood?!

Hmm .. well this question is the hardest to answer .. Perhaps a strong and smoky Russian Caravan. If you get a good quality one it’s very intense and just fizzles with decadent naughtiness …

Infini-tea & Beyond: You are on death row for unspeakable brew-related crimes (I’ve seen your violent teabagging!). What would be your ‘last brew’ selection?

I would take this in stages … I would choose Rose Garden as the first pot of the day. I would savour it’s sweet, Turkish delight qualities slowly. Then I would indulge in some quality time with Earl Grey but I think my last cup would be Lady Grey. It’s citrus tones would be too hard to miss on that last day.

Massive cuddles, ponies and thanks to my tea hommie Lozza B for helping me out tonight. If LB’s writing style is the girl next door of tea bloggers, then I am certainly the disreputable brew whore across the road who has strange, partially dressed and foul mouthed teabags popping round at all hours.

Fancy ‘Fessing Up too? Come and have a CHAI if you think you are ‘ard enough! Email THETEAWITCH@OUTLOOK.COM with your answers and the best will receive some tea goodies and – accolade of your life – a post on the tea witch blog. get you!



Check back tomorrow for the next Octeaber blogging challenge instalment!


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