Octeaber: Tea Confessions – Culture Shock & Cake & swallowing with a moan

Merry Monday my marvellous moochers! I hope your day at work/university/prison has treated you exceptionally well, whilst I have been abusing my cake hole with Betty’s cakes, Hebden Tea Company brews and little itty bits of the York city walls. Nothing like eating a bit of history, I tell Yorkshire Ya Ya Bird all the time. Anyway, parental responsibility for The Tea Witch goes to the fantastic Lisa from the the equally fantastic Culture Shock & Cake blog; I hope she doesn’t let it stay up late, draw on the walls or let it stick Tampax up its nose whilst watching ‘The Real Karma Sutra’. (Again, true Witch family story). You should also check out Lisa’s disarmingly charming take about her move from Sweden to the UK through the medium of tea AND incredible cake recipes-she did an academic paper on cupcakes so her baking knowledge is certified awesome.

So get kettle on, put your feet up and enjoy Lisa’s Tea Confessions that even made me a little hot under the collar, with no buxom redheads in sight!

Oooophh-nice pair
Oooophh-nice pair

S’up Brew: What tea was your ‘tea awakening’ and led you to take the humble brew more seriously?

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but it was Rooibos Kalahari (hides from the light, knowing that she has very loudly and very publicly stated her derision of this humble African bush). My sister introduced it to me when I was about 15, before that I had never encountered loose tea and I thought the best kind of tea was the fruity ones that hid the bitter taste of the low quality black powder in the bags.

I fell completely in love. I started exploring the vast world that is tea. I started visiting the small crowded tea store owned by the elderly man who knew the exact story of every single leaf in there. It was a marvelous journey and it still is. There’s always something new to discover when it comes to tea.

Move Oolong: What was the most disappointing tea you have tried and why?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I think I will have to say the green rhubarb cream. I love the black version of this tea, it’s my indulgence tea, the one I go to when I just have to have a nice relaxing cup and I don’t care about the heartburn that will follow. Since I can’t let myself go to often, I was naturally thrilled to learn that this tea came in green too. It was with much anticipation I put my pretty red kettle on (kettles should be red, I’m convinced this improves life quality for everyone), impatiently waited until it had finished, mixed the hot water with cold to achieve proper brewing temperature for green tea (because sadly I have yet to find a red kettle where you can set temperature, my life will forever be incomplete).

I let the leaves steep for the appropriate time and giddy like a little kid I took my first sip of… grassy perfumed water. It was like being back to square one with green tea all over again, before the knowledgeable staff at Teahouse Java showed me the light with the help of raspberries, this supreme berry that will lift any beverage to new heights. I absolutely hated the tea. It had nothing of the creamy lush fruitness of its black cousin, it was just awful. In my disappointment I shoved it to the back of my tea cupboard and after spending a few months in shame and defeat it was given away to a friend who apparently likes grassy water.

Hospitali-tea: What tea would you rustle up if someone popped round unexpectedly and why?

Oooh, most likely Japan Lime from Tehuset Java in Sweden. It’s the green tea that everyone loves. It’s so fresh and fruity that you just can’t resist it. It’s like summer breeze in a cup. Or if they really adamantly refused green tea, it would have to be Irish Cream, with a little real cream added, only type of tea where I just have to have dairy products. It just completes the flavour perfectly, it truly tastes like hot Baileys!

Ever swallowed with a moan?! Me too-all the time. Dir-tea brew whore
Ever swallowed with a moan?! Me too-all the time. Dir-tea brew whore

Sexual Tea-ling: What tea would you use to impress someone & get them in the mood?!

Hmmm… Apple, chili and chocolate. Because nothing says sexy time like chocolate and a touch of hot spices really sets the mood! It starts with the coy sweetness of the apple, making you relax, teasing your tastebuds to open up, continuing with the seductive promise of the chocolate and you swallow with moan, realising that this is really going to be something special, then you let out a soft gasp as the chilli explodes on your tongue in the aftertaste.

Infini-tea & Beyond: You are on death row for unspeakable brew-related crimes (I’ve seen your violent teabagging!). What would be your ‘last brew’ selection?

The Silver Needle tea, that insanely expensive, highly prized and famous first flush white tea that they only produce a few hundred kilos of per year. It used to be reserved for the emperor alone and in Swedish it’s sometimes called Kejsarte (emperor tea). And I would want it to be proper Silver Needle, top quality, one of those batches that normally never leave China, not the cheap stuff they export to us stupid Westerners. Considering how difficult it would be to get it, I might live for a few more weeks as well. ^.^



Check back tomorrow for the next Octeaber blogging challenge instalment!



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    I have been featured by my fabulous blog twin (we started our blogs on the same day, true story) The Tea Witch. Her blog is definitely worth a daily visit, and I also really urge you all to participate in her Octeaber effort and donate to South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association.


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