Hello Tea Lovers, Tea Haters and Tea Agnostics everywhere!

I’m Laura, 28, and I am a tea-aholic. I started this blog to share my love of all things tea, occasionally coffee and the cafe culture of Sheffield, after being inspired by Birdhouse Tea Company’s tasting evenings.

My love affair with tea started brewing (pun intended) when I left university and ventured into the big bad working world. The ritualistic act of ‘going for a cuppa’ at least three times a day launched me into a brave new world of tea bag versus loose leaf, herbal versus black, and – the biggest dilemma – to milk or not to milk! Don’t even get me started on oolong versus green…

My tea-mpestuous relationship with a good cup of char truly boiled over (yes – I have more of these!) when I moved to Sheffield from Birmingham with my partner two and a half years ago. Sheffield is renowned for its diverse boutique cafes, artisan tea/coffee companies and some of the best local produce in the UK. This exposed me to even more types of tea, even more ways to drink it and even more people to drink it with! As an avid sociologist, I have also started to ponder the social and emotional importance of tea in our every day lives.

So herein lies the seeds of this blog! I don’t profess to be a tea expert. I don’t wish to end the life of the PG Tips monkey. I don’t consider myself to be a tea snob. BUT, I do enjoy a good quality brew with good food and good friends. I look forward to sharing this journey to tea nirvana together, or at least to being a bit more informed as to what we are sipping!

Anyone for a cuppa?


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