In October 2015, I had the completely original, not at all drunken and definitely sane idea of combining my fanatical love of a brew with some good ol’ British altruism…and probably passive aggressiveness, politeness and sexual prudishness too – be rude not to. As a result, OCTEABER poked it’s moderately attractive head out of the spout of the rusty kettle that is my mind!

Octeaber: What

Mugen Tea House and I joined teapots to deliver a month-long series of tea events, tea-related giveaways and blogging challenges in October 2015, with proceeds going to support the South Yorkshire Eating Disorders Association (SYEDA). We raised £400 in total for this worthy cause.

I completed a blogging challenge that involved reviewing a tea EVERY day for a month (I nearly died of caffeine poisoning, but I did it!), and held a host of tea-tasting events to garner donations for this fantastic chari-tea.

I was even on BBC Radio Sheffield, and featured in The Sheffield Star…TWICE! Didn’t quite make it on the telly box, but still. I’m now a local Z list celebri-tea.


Octeaber: Why

I – Witchy –  raised money for SYEDA for four important reasons:

  1. 725,000 people suffer with an eating disorder (ED) in the UK (bEAT, 2015), but with pressure upon NHS services, many sufferers do not get the treatment and support they need to recover
  2. SYEDA is a charity that attempts to fill this resource gap for local sufferers, by offering information, advice and support services to those who slip through the NHS system
  3. I was one of these sufferers. Although it looks like I enjoy my tea and cake with heady abandon, I was anorexic, wriggled through the NHS net and SYEDA picked up the pieces to support me in my recovery to a healthy human being
  4. SYEDA’s help and enjoying the taste of tea – the only thing I would consume on a regular basis at one point – was the catalyst to my recovery.

Using the migh-tea power of a good ‘ol brew through Octeaber, I gave something back to the charity that made me The Tea Witch I am today, and also shared my love of tea, promoted local businesses, and had a jolly good laugh in the process. A cuppa and a chortle solve 99% of all life’s problems (The Tea Witch, 2015).

If you are a charity that would like to work with me, get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Octeaber

  1. Fabulous, so different and so sublime, Thank you so much Laura for doing this – for yourself and showing what a bright, innovative, creative and special person you are, and from SYEDA raising our profile and for raising much needed funds – YOU ARE A STAR! You were really good on Radio Sheffield too, I was rivetted to your chat, it was very well delivered, which is not easy when you only have a short time and want to say so much.
    As I have read your blog and activities, I have two emotions, one of happiness and joy for you, I am so pleased that you are well along the recovery path, which has been helped by SYEDA’s assistance and your love of all things TEA. My other emotion is one of sadness that our beautiful daughter was not so fortunate, she would have loved your OCTEABER FEST, she loved tea too, and would have enjoyed taking part.
    Again, on behalf of SYEDA, a huge THANK YOU.
    Jenny Allen (Chair)

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    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read the blogs and leave such a heart warming comment. I am humbled and touched by your kind words. I am so so grateful for all the support that SYEDA have given me both to get me started on my road to recovery and also to make Octeaber happen. I am sorry to hear that you daughter was not so lucky, but honoured that SYEDA exists in her memory to help others. I cannot say thank you enough, and do let me know how I can support SYEDA in future – already thinking of how I can make Fe-brew-ary special! Also to let you know, some fellow bloggers are running a nationwide blogger meet up in early 2016 with all proceeds going to SYEDA too – they were bitten by the Octeaber bug too!
      Thank you again, from the bottom of my now caffeine infused heart.
      Laura x


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